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Network Solution Business

We provide the M2M (Machine to Machine) Networking Solution.
Such as, Device Server, IP-KVM, Console Server hardware and SDK software.

We already have over 190 customers in Japan.
Our customer selected us, because Nissin Systems can provide Engineering service with Networking products.

Network Solution

Our solutions are below,

  1. Wired and Wireless LAN products.
    (LANTRONIX Products)

    xPico / XPort / XPortAR / WiPort / WiPortNR / PremerWave EN / SGX 5150 / UDS1100 / UDS2100
    EDS1100 / EDS2100 / Spider / SpiderDuo / SLB / SLC 8000 etc

  2. Data translation / GUI products.
    (Cogent Products)

    Cogent DataHub / WebView

  3. Software Development Kit.

    μITON SDK / Linux SDK. / Option tool (IPv6, OPC, Modbus, demo applications.)

  4. Energy Management Solution.

    ECHONET Lite protocol.

Embedded Solution Business

We provide software packages to embedded software developers, for the improvement of development efficiency and quality.

We use embedded OS (RTOS, Linux, Android), middleware (networks, file systems) and test analysis tools.
Aside from foreign software brands, we also have company-developed software.

Embedded Solution

Our solutions are below,

  1. Embedded OS.


  2. Middleware.
    (Nissin Systems Original)

    EW-ENET Lite (ECHONET Lite Protocol Library)
    USFilesPlus (FAT File System)
    USNetPlus (TCP&UDP/IP)


    RTI Connext DDS(DDS Network Protocol)

    (ICS TripleX)

    ISaGRAF(Soft PLC)

Development Business

Fields of Particular Confidence/Unique Technology

  1. Development of real time systems
  2. Embedded OS-related technologies (porting to custom-made hardware and tuning of start-up and operating times) Porting to, and development of driver of, μ ITRON, Linux, and Android
  3. Network technologies (extensive knowledge in protocol implementation and development of routers and other network devices)
  4. Programming under multi core/virtualization environments
  5. Industrial/M2M network-related technologies (EthernetIP, EtherCAT, ProfiNet, ModbusTCP)

Development Example

Development of embedded PDA

Development of embedded PDA

Development Example 2

Development of industrial protocol implementation

Development of embedded PDA